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This project suggests the development of an open access remote PV laboratory for educational purposes. A remote laboratory offers the ability to perform an extensive set of educational experiments under real conditions through the internet and within a very short time. At the same time, the student can have a live view of the systems through a web camera, offering him/her a sense of personal presence in the place where the experiment takes place. The remote PV laboratory, which will consist of specialized PV equipment, sensors, monitoring and control hardware, will be installed outdoors at the facilities of the T.E.I. of Athens, which is in a geographical region characterized by a large number of annual sunshine hours, allowing the users to perform real-world tests and experiments with photovoltaic panels over the internet, in real time. The system should be accessible by everyone on the planet with an internet access and will be offered in at least five different languages. It also should be accompanied by appropriate educational material, for several target groups, such as students, postgraduates, professionals and educators, allowing it to be used by a broad variety of users directly. The design should also be modular, to be easy to modify and or upgrade. This project will be a significant step towards open education, offering a manyfold educational experience to a broad range of users, combining learning, research, communication and collaboration.

Duration of the project


During its progress and upon its completion, the proposed project will organize the following activities:

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